Family and friends hold vigil for man shot in alley last month

NOW: Family and friends hold vigil for man shot in alley last month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "I wouldn't want this pain on anyone, no one deserve this, my baby didn't deserve this,” said Deborah Hawthorne, mother of Joe Jackson Jr.

Family members of Joe Jackson Jr. say they will continue to seek justice after he was shot to death on Milwaukee’s northwest side on June 19. 

It was an emotional day for friends and relatives of Joe Jackson Jr., as they held a vigil in his honor on Wednesday. At the vigil, family members said the loss has impacted them immensely. They describe him as a lovable, quiet homebody, who loved his family and stayed out of trouble.

Joe's older sister Jessica says she misses everything about Joe. More than a dozen family members and friends came to remember him in the same alley he was shot.

"The conversations we have, just talking to him, laughing with him, just being here... they took my brother, and he's never going to come back," Jessica said.

"I’m still sad. We miss him so much, and we are still seeking justice," said Hawthorne.  

Police hope a video released on Wednesday will help. They describe the suspect as an African American male wearing a black jacket, dark pants and dark shoes. The video shows the suspect going after Joe.

"My brother did not deserve to die in an alley, we’re going through a lot, just turn yourself in," said Wright.                                                 

Family and friends did a balloon release in Joe’s honor. Joe's mother hopes the vigil will shed light on the senseless gun violence in Milwaukee.

"Just don't know what the families go through, and speaking on behalf of all mothers who have lost their baby to gun violence, it’s a senseless crime, it needs to stop," said Hawthorne.

"I'm tired of the violence in Milwaukee, it's terrible. These kids can't even play outside, I worry about my kids when they want to go outside and ride their bikes, it is getting terrible," added Wright.

Joe’s family members are asking people with information to please come forward and report it to Milwaukee police. They say it'll help them get closure and begin the healing process.

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