'It's hard losing a loved one:' Families march to raise awareness about police brutality

NOW: ’It’s hard losing a loved one:’ Families march to raise awareness about police brutality

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)-- People gathered at Beckum Park in Milwaukee on Sunday, September 20. The goal is to continue to shine light on those who’ve loss their lives in the hands of law enforcement.

Christopher Davis is a name may not have heard. He was shot and killed by a Walworth Deputy in 2016.

Davis' mom rallied with other families who share the same grief.

“If it wasn’t for knowing there’s other people that went through the same thing I’m going through or have went through, I would feel lonely like I am the only one," Doretha Lock said. She is Davis' mom.

A group in Milwaukee called “The People’s Revolution” hosted the event. It's an organization that's a voice for moms who've loss their sons to police brutality.

“There will be justice, there will be hope, there is hope," Lock said.

Community members say it may seem like the same storyline every weekend,"A BLACK LIVES MATTER” protest or march. However, they say it’s important to keep these names alive.

“It’s a hard thing losing loved one."

 Davis’ mom says she hopes these ongoing rallies will send a message of peace and systematic change.

“Black lives do matter, brown color do matter, white color do matter, it doesn’t matter who are," Lock said.

Organizers say this won't be the last rally, they are planning more in the coming days.

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