Families enjoy quiet of the Deer District after excitement of Game 5

NOW: Families enjoy quiet of the Deer District after excitement of Game 5


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Deer District was still buzzing with excitement Sunday, but perhaps a little less excitement than Saturday night as Bucks fans start looking to Game 6.

There was almost no sign of the massive crowds from Saturday, which is part of why a lot of Bucks fans said they wanted to take their families out to visit, but some said they'll need to be here for Game 6

"[We're] just kind of looking around here getting some pictures taken. It's actually my first time down here, so taking it all in, when there's not a lot of fans here," said Bucks fan and mom Jamie Dabies.

She said after Saturday night's game, she jumped at the chance to visit the Deer District and take pictures with her daughter.

Dabies wasn't alone, many people, like Ryan Nowicki and his 5-year-old son Bode, came with their families today to enjoy the Deer District in a much quieter way.

"We're just hanging out, you know, we weren't gonna come down when it was too crazy during the game with the little guys but. But it's been fun just checking it out and seeing, seeing it live and seeing what's going on down there," said Nowicki.

It's much the same for Cesar Olmos and his family who came out to walk the riverfront and have a drink.

"It's a good time to bring the family out, it's beautiful day today. Obviously, we don't have 25,000 people here right now, we can come out tonight, we could actually sit down and enjoy the day," said Olmos.

While Olmos and Nowicki said they'll probably watch from home, they all say they're excited for Game 6.

The same can't be said for Dabies though, who said she isn't missing the Deer District's atmosphere if Giannis makes a dunk like he did Saturday again.

"[Saturday] night it was big, so I actually wish I was here," said Dabies, adding that she won't be making the same mistake again.

She said it would be wrong to not come down now.

"We're taking home the win, so you got to be here for it."

There's expected to be potentially record-breaking crowds Tuesday night for Game 6.

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