Fall temps return for now, warm again next week

A series of cold fronts will send the
highs back into the 60s and low 70s for the foreseeable future. This is what the end of September should be like after shattering a record high temperature yesterday of 91 degrees. In fact, the last 7 days have hit at least 85 degrees or warmer. That’s an amazing feat considering the time of year we are at.

The first cold front has moved to the east. Highs should range in the mid to upper 60s today and tomorrow, with Milwaukee possibly hitting 70 Thursday. The secondary shot of cool, Canadian air will send the highs down below average for the first time in over two weeks. Some locations might not make it out of the 50s on Saturday. The dry weather will continue until next week.

Another upper-level ridge of high pressure is expected to build across our area. This will once again put a hold on fall, and let a late-summer bloom jump into the region. Highs again could reach 80 degrees or more a few times next week. The Climate Prediction Center has the viewing area under a very good chance to see above average temperatures.

Keep this fact in your head – Milwaukee has NEVER reached 90 degrees in


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