EY Entrepreneur of the Year Celebrating 31 Years

NOW: EY Entrepreneur of the Year Celebrating 31 Years

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year program is aimed at giving innovative business leaders a global stage to highlight their work and community contributions.

The program started 31 years ago in Milwaukee.

At that time, it was a way for the accounting firm, then going by the name Ernst & Young, to reward some local companies who they felt were making a difference, not only in their field of work but when it came to contributing to society.

Now all this time later it is a global event.

"We're so proud how it's grown," EY partner Lee Henderson tells CBs 58 News . "60 countries across the globe. 10,000 entrepreneurs that we've celebrated and honored. The exposure and connectivity is incredible!"

One such recent standout was 10 year old CEO Alex Hart-Upendo who founded Build a Bow. It was a way to combine his love of fashion and answer back to the bullies who didn't like how smart he was.

Alex has also used the bow ties to raise money for charitable causes.

"It stood out to us," said Henderson. "There's a ten year old. We were intrigued. As we learned more about his story it showed he had all the qualities that we felt an entrepreneur should have, the drive and determination."

But Henderson said it was also the impact that he's making in giving back to the community.

"There's a quote that popped into my head from Jackie Robinson that said 'a life is not important except for the impact it's having on other lives.' That's what it's all about."

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