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EXCLUSIVE: Woman witnesses final chase of Andrew Obregon

The small town of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois is normally peaceful, but an unwelcome visitor brought chaos with him. 
Cheryl Laffredi ran outside the second she heard the sirens and watched police chase down a man suspected of murder

"The spark stopped, the police opened their doors, told the guy to get out, put your hands up. whoever was in there, the guy, got out and ran down the road and jumped through the thicket in to the corn field," Laffredi said.

That man she's talking about is wanted murder suspect Andrew Obregon. The Kenosha County Sheriff says Obregon carjacked a small Chevy on Tuesday afternoon near his parents' home in Brighton, Wisconsin, then made for the Illinois border. He was trying to outrun the supercharged police cruisers in an economy car. However, the man who eluded police for weeks would not get away this time.

"He was screaming at him pretty good, and he started running and the cops started chasing him. they had their guns out, they weren't just like 'stop', they were getting him," Laffredi said. 

Obregon was tracked down in the cornfields near Laffredi's home, where her family heard three gunshots in the distance. Police confirm Obregon was hit in the arm and taken to the hospital. It was a two-week crime spree that made the news here in Illinois:

"I had heard about it from my neighbors," Laffredi said.

And it came to an end, right in front of her house.

"I don't tend to freak out and panic too much. I kind of know what's over there, so, I figured he'd be running that way and not come my way."   

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