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Exclusive: Woman held hostage in apartment speaks out

A man is in jail tonight after the SWAT team was called to a Greenfield apartment complex earlier Saturday morning. Greenfield police say it was a domestic incident.

Simone Pierce, the girlfriend of the man arrested, talked to us just moments after police left. She says she is lucky to be alive. 

\"How much danger was my life in? If he would have just totally snapped who knows?\" said Pierce. 

Pierce says it all started Friday when her boyfriend of five years decided it was time to go to rehab for his drug and alcohol addiction. But first, he wanted one more high. 

\"He just wanted to do it one more time and I tried to understand that and so he went to the liquor store and that's when he met his friend and I don't know what happened,\" said Pierce. 

Pierce says around 6:30 Saturday morning, the former Marine, who she identifies as Robert, snapped. 

\"I know how he gets when he does drugs so I was just trying to maintain peace and letting him do whatever he needed to do before going into the VA hospital,\" said Pierce. 

Greenfield police say they got multiple calls that a woman was in distress and due to previous calls at the same address sent officers out. 
\"Robert\" barricaded the door. 

\"He put a chair up under the door and a dinette chair under the knob to guard the knob so police can't turn it,\" said Pierce. 

With a swat team negotiator on hand, Pierce feared the worst and wanted out.

\"What are you trying to do make the police come in here shooting and take my life as well as yours?\" she said. 

But he wouldn't let her.

\"Every time I'd try to get up and go to the door he would grab me,\" said Pierce. 

Eventually he opened the door and Pierce is grateful things ended there. 

\"I don't want this to happen to no one else.. ever. Ever,\" she said. 

Her message to all women is leave before things get worse.

\"As soon as the red flags come out run away. I didn't pay attention to the red flags that were there right before my face,\" said Pierce. 

Greenfield police wouldn't confirm the identity of the man, but they say he was arrested and is facing domestic charges. 

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