EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Car in Potawatomi scaffolding removed

A car wedged into some scaffolding near the Potawatomi Casino has now been removed. On Saturday, that car went flying off the third floor of the casino parking garage and then got tangled up in some construction scaffolding before it could reach the ground. The driver wasn't hurt, but the car sat there all weekend until it was finally removed with a crane today.

\"They just wanted to get it out of the way where it was it had been stabilized by the scaffolding it crashed through but it wasn't a safe situation to leave it there so they removed it as soon as we were ready to,\" said Charles Opferman with Greenfire Management Services, the company that removed the car.

The driver has been identified as a man in his 50's, but authorities haven't said anything about why his car crashed through a concrete barrier in that parking structure.
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