Exclusive: Sisters involved in pepper spray altercation at Cudahy High School speak out

Exclusive: Sisters involved in pepper spray altercation at Cudahy High School speak out

CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Two sisters involved in a pepper spray altercation at Cudahy High School are sharing their side of the story exclusively with CBS 58 News.

The Taylor sisters moved from Nevada to get a fresh start but since they've been here, they say it's been nothing but conflict for them with other students and now, they're both suspended.

One of the sisters was jumped in the hallway of Cudahy High School and it was caught on video.

"When that first happened, going back to school after that video, I felt uncomfortable," said Mariana Taylor, a Cudahy High School Sophomore.

Since then, Mariana and her older sister Martiana say other students have hassled them every day, including one particular group of girls. 

Cudahy Superintendent Jim Heiden says an investigation into the reports of bullying revealed everyone involved was "involved in instigating or prolonging the conflict. There's a difference between bullying and conflict."

The girls' aunt Doris Burage doesn't see it that way.

"A video going around of her being attacked and then they're saying ugly things. Don't you think that hurts a child's feelings? The staff at the school doesn't understand that," said Burage.

On Tuesday, the district says pepper spray was used during a hallway fight, a banned item on school grounds.

Martiana and Mariana were both suspended and cited by Cudahy Police.

Martiana says she was carrying pepper spray but didn't use it, a friend of hers did.

Both sisters admit they were heading for a confrontation with the third girl.

"Me and her were walking towards each other because there were words being said to each other," said Martiana Taylor.

"It's like every day. What happened today, that's how almost every day is starting to be," said Mariana. 

Martiana says during the altercation today, a male teacher kneed her in the back. The Superintendent says all staff is trained in crisis prevention and today's fight was intense.

He says if she was kneed in the back, it was an accident during the course of getting control over the situation. 

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