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EXCLUSIVE: “Mystery Building” in Bayview area re-opens and becomes a chocolate boutique after two decades

The building located in the Bayview has been deemed as “mystery building”. For two decades many wondered what would be next for the abandoned space that has stood empty for years.

It is about to open its doors once again. The owner of the chocolate boutique who is moved in explains how she solved the mystery behind the building that many attempted to do but could not.

“I posted on face book on a special bay view website and I asked who owned this building I had so many bad comments like forget about it that building is being closed for so long \", said Karimar Mendez.

But her persistence paid off the mystery owner showed up to her store and said he was impressed with her business and wanted to give her the green light. For years she dreamed of making this space home for her business Choco Bella, a chocolate boutique with a special twist to making their sweets.

“Chocolate which is really good so we are like we have Latinos making chocolate with Latino flavor that's how I can say it hasn't been easy but we are here we are hoping for the best, “ said the owner of Choco Bella.

The Mendez family makes the chocolate with their own hands, but they also worked personally on rehabbing the space, for the most part Luis Mendez, the owner's husband.

“I'm really excited I'm really happy because we I did it with my hands so this was a challenge from day one. The community is really excited so we have to make a lot of chocolate, “said Luis Mendez.

Choco Bella is open for business Saturday April 25th at 11 am.


2257 South Howell Avenue in Bayview

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