EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Police Officer Out of Jail After Arrest on Child Enticement

CBS 58- A Milwaukee police officer arrested after a child enticement investigation is free on bail.

Milwaukee Police arrested Sonthana Rajaphoumi, who is currently assigned to District 4, posted $10,000 bail just before 9 pm Monday. CBS 58 was there when he left the Milwaukee County jail. Rajaphoumi told CBS 58 he is surprised by the allegations but declined to comment further.

According to Milwaukee Police, the investigation is ongoing and MPD will present the case to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.  Rajaphoumi is suspended from MPD.  

People who live near the officer were shocked to learn of his arrest. 

"Anything that has to do with children, hits close to home and hits hard and as a parent, scares the heck out of you," said one woman, who did not want to be identified. 

Rajaphoumi's Milwaukee home is just half a block from a child care center. One dad, picking up his kids Monday, called the arrest of the officer "alarming."

"It's a bit concerning that not only is he doing that but he's so close to a daycare," said Montrell Kennedy. "They're people that kids are supposed to go to when they're in any kind of danger."
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