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Exclusive: Milwaukee mother shares near-death experience after being pushed in front of moving train

A Milwaukee mother is talking only to CBS 58 about her near-death experience of being pushed in front of a moving train, and how her daughter saved her life.

Susan Wenszell is home now after a girls’ vacation in Atlanta with her daughters that took a devastating turn.

A stranger inexplicably pushed Wenszell onto the tracks. Her daughter, Katie, immediately jumped after her.

“As a parent, we’re more likely to do that for our children because of the bond we have, but for it to in reverse is remarkable,” Wenszell said. “Any parent should be honored to have a child willing to risk their life for you.”

Susan’s only injuries were from the fall onto the track.

In rescuing her mother from the oncoming train, Katie punctured a lung, damaged her shoulder and had to have part of her foot amputated.

Susan says Katie has made major strides in her recovery. She could be released from the Atlanta hospital next week.

“She’s a very strong-willed woman and as a result, she pushes herself past what most doctors could think she would do,” Susan Wenszell said. “She wants to come home. She misses everybody here.”

Katie’s father, Jerry, is at the hospital with her. She’s expected to make a nearly full physical recovery and get back to her teaching job. Her cognitive abilities were left intact.

Susan says Paratech Ambulance Service, a Milwaukee company, has offered to transport Katie back from Atlanta, free of charge.

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