EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee mom chases accused teen robber, puts him in chokehold

Latrisha Thompson regrets the profane language she used in a video posted on the website World Star Hip Hop.

\"Mama bear came out,\" she said.

But said it was the only way to get through to the 14-year-old boy when her adrenaline took over on Wednesday.

\"Ya'll don't put your (profanity) hands on my (profanity) child,\" she yelled in the video. \"It ain't (profanity) sweet.\"

She chased down the boy and put him in a headlock as she waited for police. You can hear the teen trying to reason with her.

\"I got asthma,\" he says.

\"I don't give a (profanity) what you got,\" she replies. \"My child got asthma. You didn't give a (profanity).\"

She's referring to his lack of care when he pushed Thompson's 13-year-old daughter to ground while she waited for the school bus near 34th and Burleigh. He ran away with her cell phone. But that phone ended up catching the thief.

It had a GPS service that Thompson used to track him down.

She knows what she did was dangerous, but couldn't let him get away with victimizing her innocent child or anyone else.

\"If you see a crime occurring, you don't have to physically get involved,\" she said. \"You can still whip out your phone, call give a description of the suspect, say where you see this crime happening at.\"

She said that's the message behind the video, either speak up or watch the bad guys take over the streets.

It's not a community Thompson wants her daughter to grow up in. The young girl is now fearful to go to school.

\"It's my job to nurture and protect my child. Now I'm feeling I'm failing her because I can't make her safe,\" said Thompson. \"We've gotta get these criminals off the streets.\"

Milwaukee police say the 14-year-old boy in the video has been arrested nine times in just two and a half years.

Thompson hopes he can somehow get the help he needs to turn his life around.

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