EXCLUSIVE: "I felt my life was in danger" Local shop owner fires gun at an accused thief

EXCLUSIVE: “I felt my life was in danger“ Local shop owner fires gun at an accused thief

In exclusive surveillance video obtained by CBS 58, a local shop owner takes matters into his own hands.

The owner fires a gun at an accused thief, narrowly missing him. Federal investigators say the accused robber in that video is connected to a string of robberies in Milwaukee and that he didn't act alone, two others are facing charges tonight.

The ABC Store on 22nd Street was one of a number of businesses targeted in one month. The owner said he's relieved the suspects have been caught.

It was a normal day at the ABC Store until a hooded man walked in, holding what appeared to be a gun. He attacked one of the customers which is when Raeid Assad backed up and pulled out his own gun, firing.

"I felt my life was in danger when they came in. I had a chance to use my gun so I shot at them," Riad Assad, the owner said.

He missed and now has a bullet hole near a window to prove it.

"I missed by half a second."

The ABC Store wasn't the only business targeted. The armed burglaries also hit Time Market and South Avenue Food Store on S. 27th Street. They also robbed Taqueria Aranda on W. Lincoln back in April.

Police were able to track down three suspects. One was Theodore Simmons. The other two, Robert Anderson and Rebecca Rodriguez. 

"I am glad they got caught and I feel more safe because they were running loose and they could hurt everybody because they want money so bad," Assad said.

The three suspects are facing robbery and conspiracy charges.

Assad says he fought back because his business is his livelihood.

"I have to protect myself if I see my life in danger. I have to protect it, if I have a chance I will protect my life."

Assad was able to scare the robbers off just in time so that they didn't take any money but the other businesses were not as lucky.

The three suspects will be back in court next Wednesday on August 16th.

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