EXCLUSIVE: Former player with connection to Rodgers and LaFleur believes they will "get along great"

EXCLUSIVE: Former player with connection to Rodgers and LaFleur believes they will “get along great“

(CBS 58) -- The relationship between Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers will be vital to the success of the Packers. 

With LaFleur only four years older than Rodgers, can he help #12 get back to playing like the superstar quarterback fans have come to know over the years? 

CBS 58 Morning Anchor Mike Curkov spoke with the former player who has had a one-of-a-kind connection to them both. 

Ruvell Martin was Matt LaFleur's top receiver at Division 2 Saginaw Valley State hauling 18 touchdowns from 2000-2002. Martin also caught six touchdowns as a Green Bay Packer from 2006-2008 from Brett Favre, Craig Nall, and Aaron Rodgers, making him the only man to have caught a touchdown from both LaFleur and Rodgers. 

"I think those two guys are going to get along great. I really do. I think he's going to do things that will pair well with what Aaron already does well and add on to that. Different things that Matt's learned along the way," Martin said. 

Martin and LaFleur have stayed close since college at Saginaw, even talking earlier in the day on Monday before news broke that the Packers chose LaFleur as their new head coach. 

"One of the things that I shared with him was what's really cool when you're in that community is just the sense of community. I said everyone's treated the same. From the team president to the guy that cleans the locker room," Martin said. 

Martin thinks the Rodgers-LaFleur partnership is going to be a wonderful thing. 

"My two quarterbacks that I've had in the past come together. I can't wait to see what they come up with. I'm excited for all Packers fans and for the team. I think it's going to be great."

In his life after football, Ruvell Martin is now a real estate broker in North Carolina. You can find him on Twitter @RuvellMartin

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