Exclusive: County Worker Tried To Save Stranger's Life Who Collapsed While Shoveling

Exclusive: County Worker Tried To Save Stranger’s Life Who Collapsed While Shoveling

An exclusive interview with a county worker who tried to save a stranger who collapsed while shoveling snow. That man was one of four people in Milwaukee County who died during yesterday's storm. All of them were trying to remove the thick, heavy snow.

The man says he tried his best to save him and even though he couldn't - he talked to us because he hopes this story will save another life the next time it snows.

"To be honest with you, I was hoping he had just slipped like a minute before I got there."

But Jake Klingforth says when he saw a man laying face down in his driveway, he just knew something was seriously wrong.

"I definitely looked twice like is that guy really laying on the ground? But for me it was a no-brainer. I immediately stopped and ran over there to see if he was okay."

He says the man, Edward Madison, didn't respond. Klingforth called 911 and put the first aid skills he learned as a county employee into action.

"I started CPR right away. Another lady brought a blanket over."

But it was too late. Madison was only 64-years-old. With a shovel on the ground next to him, and a snow blower in his garage.

"The guy had kids. He had a wife you wonder, you wonder what his last words were."

Klingforth says when it snows like this - he takes a few extra minutes to help his neighbors.

Shovel their driveways and sidewalks. He hopes others will do the same.

And we can't stress enough - for middle-aged people, the best bet may be a snow blower in thick snow. Don't hesitate to borrow one if necessary. Or if you have to shovel, pace yourself instead of clearing out a whole area at one time.

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