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Exclusive: A woman desperate for answers after her fiance is murdered in Kosciuszko Park speaks out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A woman desperate for answers in her fiance’s murder is talking only to CBS 58.

Eve Elias is in Chicago recovering from eye surgery; she was also there when her fiancé, Mark Solorio, was killed last week in Kosciuszko Park.

She says her absence during his final hours tortures her every day.

"What if I was there? What if I was in his apartment when he took his walk?" Elias said. “It’s scary, the what-ifs and the mind games I play in my head.”

Police say Solorio had his artificial trachea intentionally removed during a fight with someone he knew.

Solorio, a veteran, died shortly after.

Elias doesn’t know who did it, but she’s more concerned with why anyone would mean to harm Solorio.

"[Mark] would help a stranger out,” Elias said. “He always had the habit of helping. If a female was in trouble, if a vet was in trouble, there was Mark. He would give you the shirt off his back."

Police have a suspect in custody.

The District Attorney’s office hasn’t filed charges yet.

Elias says she still calls Solorio’s voicemail expecting him to pick up. She says they talked several times a day.

"I'm in my own personal hell,” Elias said.

She says Mark had the artificial trachea installed almost two years ago because of issues he was having with his vocal cords.

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