Update: Two dead after Cambria Corn Mill explosion, one still missing

Update: Two dead after Cambria Corn Mill explosion, one still missing

Update: Two people are now confirmed dead and one is still missing after the Cambria mill explosion.

The Red Cross is working in the central Wisconsin village of Cambria, hours after a deadly explosion rocked a corn mill.

The explosion happened at the Didion Milling Corn Mill around 11 p.m. Wednesday evening.

We know one person was killed, 13 people are injured, and two are still missing at this house.

The focus now is on those victims while the damage to the mill is being assessed.

"30112 to Columbia County. The main part of the mill has exploded and there are visible flames. The whole village is dark."

The desperate calls from emergency responders, shocked by what they saw in the small village.

The power of the explosion is evident from the damage you can see, parts of the mill appear to have completely collapsed.

It was late at night, still, there were more than a dozen people working inside. Cambria is small enough so that many people in the community know the victims. The people in Cambria are preparing for a prayer service at 7 p.m. for those impacted from last night's explosion.

Some families are still waiting to hear if their loved ones are okay.

"There was a boom and in the house, there was a little tremor and everything was black."

Firefighters from 23 departments were called to tackle the explosion. It burned down a building that was filled with offices and labs at the Didion Milling Facility.

Now, it's a pile of smoldering metal and debris.

The Ethanol facility across the street was not impacted. Shannon Dunahee was one of the first on the scene.

"Shocked, stunned, and confused about where I can go to help," she said.

There were sixteen employees inside the building, thirteen of them were hurt.

Two are still missing and one was killed.

Kathy Roit says she knows one of the victims. "You just think about the families."

Two families are still waiting to find out where their loved ones are. They waited outside the Red Cross Receiving Center hoping to get new information.

People in the community say they relied on Didion Milling but now the main building is gone.

"They don't have a job and now people are hurt and that's really sad."

The Village of Cambria has set up a fund to help the victims and their families.

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