"Everything is dangerous:" Paintball wars show no signs of slowing down in some Milwaukee neighborhoods

NOW: “Everything is dangerous:“ Paintball wars show no signs of slowing down in some Milwaukee neighborhoods

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The 'paintball wars' that Milwaukee Police have been warning citizens about do not appear to be slowing down.

Some neighbors now say they feel terrorized. 

"It's sad because we're living here in peace and that's what we want to keep." A woman who lives in the area says she'll often hear dozens of shots in just one or two minutes. 

"I'm thinking of my kids and my cars. Everything is dangerous. We can't go trash the garbage because something can happen. The paintballs do hurt because they're coming in at excessive speed," the woman said.

Just last week, a bicyclist shot in the eye was caught on security camera staggering across a parking lot. People in the neighborhoods say players aren't targeting bystanders but there are going to be casualties when doing this out in public.

"The city's trying to put felonies on these guys. I think they should help them out a little bit, that is, give the community an abandoned building to play paintballs in. The guys need a playing field."

Tyrone Jackson agrees that with some forethought the shootings could be controlled. He told us he was shot in the ankle during a driveby and was almost glad about it. He said paintballs are better than bullets. "People that are doing it, just be a little more careful. Watch where you're doing it too."

Many of the people CBS 58 News spoke with did not want to show their faces because they're afraid of being targeted.

One mother said she's now looking at other houses so she can get her family out of the neighborhood.

Stay with CBS 58 News for more information on this developing story. 

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