Evers: DNC making sure there are enough hotels in Milwaukee

Evers: DNC making sure there are enough hotels in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Governor Tony Evers said Monday the ball is in the Democratic party's court on deciding what city will host the national convention next July.

"I think we've made the pitch," Evers said. "It's a matter of making sure we have adequate hotel space in the city, and I think we do."

Pfister General Manager Tim Smith says Milwaukee has fewer downtown hotels than competing finalists Houston and Miami, but they do meet the requirement of 15,000 within a 20-minute drive.

"We do have the proper package if you get down by the airport, Wawautosa, Brookfield, Glendale," Smith said. "There's more than enough hotels, and like I've said all along, the traffic in Milwaukee is nowhere near what it is in those other cities."

Smith says the Pfister, along with most hotels in the city, are reserving space for the DNC next July.

"Secure as many of the hotel rooms as we possibly can. Meeting space, restaurants, and so forth."

Evers says one positive for Milwaukee's case, is Democrats wanting to win back the Midwest.

"For Democrats to win the presidency, it's going to go through the Midwest," Evers said. "Whether it's Michigan, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania. It will make a difference."

The city is now in a holding pattern, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

"For five days the world has their eyeballs on the city of Milwaukee, and the trailers on the bottom of every TV screen. You cannot buy that type of exposure."

The DNC said they would announce the host city by the end of February, so an announcement could come any day.

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