Evers addresses concerns over evictions amid stay at home orders

NOW: Evers addresses concerns over evictions amid stay at home orders


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – For many Wisconsinites, the shutting down or limiting of businesses means that they will not be able to make mortgage or rent payments and face the possibility of eviction.

In a teleconference Tuesday, Governor Evers said discussions are ongoing between various departments and state agencies, including the Departments of Revenue, Financial Institutions and Workforce Development, as well as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. They are looking at how to best support those without work or underemployed because of the outbreak.

“Every one of those resources will be necessary in order to make sure people are treated fairly and that payments can be made,” Evers said.

The governor pointed to unemployment insurance as an option for people to consider, but said that more help will need to be considered from efforts at the federal level.

When asked by CBS 58 what the state is doing to specifically address evictions, the governor’s team said it is hoping to have answers soon.

“Having someone being evicted from their home while issuing an order telling people it’s safer to be at home is problematic,” said Ryan Nilsestuen, the governor’s chief legal counsel. “That is something that we’re taking a hard look at to see what steps can be taken to ensure that people have a safe place to be during the public health emergency.”

There have been county and district courts that have paused eviction proceedings because they are no longer meeting due to the outbreak, effectively stopping them for now, but no statewide plan has been announced.

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