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Etter Hughes sentenced to 20 years for fatal abuse of child

NOW: Etter Hughes sentenced to 20 years for fatal abuse of child


Back in December one boy died and another ended up in the hospital recovering from severe malnutrition and abuse.

Thursday the woman that was supposed to care for the children, Etter Hughes, will spend many years in prison.

Before the judge told Etter Hughes she would spend 20 years in prison he said the brothers were so severely malnourished and abused in her care that they looked like they had been through the Holocaust

More details were released Thursday on what happened to the two young boys hearing the testimony from the surviving brother Jaequon who is in an undisclosed foster home. The prosecutor says it took months for the boy to feel comfortable. He had to be assured he would never return to Etter Hughes care. He said Hughes was evil and that she would strip the boys down and hit them with extension cords and pour a glass of water over their heads when they told her they were thirsty.

Etter Hughes made a statement telling the judge that she never hurt any of the boys and she misses taking care of them.

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