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Escape Rooms becoming more popular in Milwaukee

Locked in a room, doing math and solving puzzles --for fun.  Friends and co-workers are discovering a new outing that's something like a live action version of the board game \"Clue.\"  They are called escape rooms, and their popularity is growing.  

There are already two here in Milwaukee, with more opening soon.  Escape MKE is near Mayfair Mall, visitors can choose between two secret missions to complete with their groups.  At Escape Chambers in Grand Avenue Mall in downtown Milwaukee, those going into the room have to defuse a \"bomb\" as part of their challenge.  Both require you book an appointment online ahead of your visit.

It works like this: teams are given back stories about why they are trapped in the room.  Sometimes they are secret agents, sometimes workers at security companies.  No matter the story, it always involves a time limit and puzzles that need to be solved in order to find the escape key and get out in time.  The challenges can be math problems, riddles, or codes that are challenging enough to require the brain power of everyone in the room.

Googling answers on smartphones isn't allowed, and red herrings keep teams guessing.  Those who have participated say it brings the fun back into communication and team work.

You can book an appointment at Milwaukee's escape rooms at Escapemke.com and escapechambers.com

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