Emergency responders honored in Dodge County for role in delivering babies

DODGE COUNTY (CBS 58) – Emergency responders in Dodge County helped deliver not one, but three babies within the last two months.

On Wednesday, they were recognized for their efforts and given awards.

One of the couples was driving in Juneau earlier this month and knew their baby was on the way. The couple drove to the Dodge County Courthouse looking for help because the hospital was too far away.

Court Security Officer Kelly Cotter, Communications Lieutenant Christine Churchill and Deputy Emergency Management Director Joe Meagher all stepped in and delivered the baby in the couple’s car.

Another baby was delivered back in March.

The sheriff described how one communications officer walked a dad through the labor process because the family couldn’t make it to a hospital in time.

“Peter Kaczmarski, one of our long-time veterans, in 30 years it’s the first time he’s delivered a baby over the phone,” Sheriff Dale Schmidt said. “It was a very quick childbirth and Pete did an excellent job of getting EMS going, giving the direction, comforting Cameron in a very stressful time.”

The third baby was delivered on Tuesday. A group of dispatchers assisted with the childbirth over the phone.

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