Elderly Couple Clocked Going 110 MPH on Hwy 45; Police Cancel Silver Alert

An elderly couple that was reported missing endangered was found during a traffic stop when the driver was clocked going 110 mph, according to Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the safe return of an elderly Amherst couple reported as missing endangered by the Portage County Sheriff's Office early this morning.

At  1:42 AM, a deputy was monitoring traffic on US Hy 45 near CTH PV when he clocked a northbound vehicle at 110mph.

Upon making contact with the driver and passenger, the deputy immediately noticed both individuals were confused and disoriented; alcohol/drugs were not a factor.

The 90-year-old man, and his 88-year-old wife, indicated they were on their way to Georgia to visit family and did not know why the deputy stopped them.

The gas gauge was nearly on empty, and their location and direction was not consistent with their intended route of travel.

The deputy learned, though Department of Transportation records, that the Portage County Sheriff’s Office put out a Statewide “Silver Alert” for the couple and their vehicle on Thursday at 10:51 PM.

According to a release by police, the couple left their home at 1:30 PM on Thursday to get their taxes done and did not return home as planned.

Sheriff deputies stood by with the elderly couple until family members were able to respond. After this incident, the immediate family is also re-evaluating allowing the couple to drive.

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