Easter Forecast

There are lots of events going on this weekend and so far it has held up! Temperatures on Saturday started cold in the low 20s but rebounded very well thanks to some nice sunshine into the upper 50s. Temperatures don't move too much on Sunday, but it does look like high temperatures will be  a bit cooler. The trade off? After two straight days of wind gusts as high as 35 mph, winds will stay light 5-10 mph most of the day.


The wild card for Sunday is a little weather system that moves in tonight. Some shower activity will be possible after midnight lasting through noon on Easter. Most of the precipitation will be confined to areas north of Milwaukee with Fond du Lac & Sheboygan counties seeing the majority of it in our area. Those counties may also see a few snowflakes mix in, but no accumulation is expected. 

If you are planning on staying our late on Easter be aware that temperatures will drop quickly in the evening ending up in the 30s before midnight.


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