During the Summer Months Blood Supply Decreases

The mass shooting in Orlando has many people going to their area blood donation centers to help provide for the wounded. Today marks World Blood Donor Day, which is a reminder of just how vital donors are.

The American Red Cross helped people who were hurt in the Orlando. They sent 30 pints of type O blood to Florida.

Amy Guarino, Red Cross Account Manager, said all of their blood needs have been met.

"It's O negative what we sent,” Guarino said. “That's the type of blood that's universal.”

“It's fantastic that we were able to help people and the importance of donating blood and maybe even though people aren't affected locally, in their personal lives, were helping people in so many ways," she said.

In Pewaukee, the Red Cross saw a steady number of donors on Tuesday (June 14). Paul Miller was one of those donors.

“Five years ago, my dad had leukemia and passed away from leukemia,” Miller said.  “I always wanted to continue to give blood and help other people.”

He said he donates blood about every two months.

“Either I go online and make an appointment or they call me and make an appointment,” Miller said. “I’m O positive, which is always a need and I’m always willing to help out.”

In the warmer months, the Red Cross sees a drop in blood supply.

"During the summer time we have about a 20 percent dip in blood supply because schools and colleges are out so we have to supplement in other ways to rely on businesses and communities to hopefully supply additional blood to make up for that 20 percent loss," Guarino said.

The organization will have a blood drive at the Milwaukee County Zoo on Monday and Tuesday (June 20-21). Donors get in for free. 

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