Dump truck crashes through intersection, parking lot

NOW: Dump truck crashes through intersection, parking lot


GREENFIELD (CBS 58) - A dump truck swerved out of control in Greenfield Thursday night, and it was all caught on video.

The truck crashed through an intersection and parking lot.

The driver was at the intersection of West Layton Avenue and West Loomis Road when he suffered a seizure.

That led to what amounts to a slow motion crash through a pole, over a curb and through a parking lot.

It just so happens a Greenfield police officer saw the whole thing.

"I saw it hit the traffic pole," said Officer James Enters.

Officer Enters was waiting at the intersection when he saw the dump truck slowly moving through, before hitting a pole.

“Drove over the curb, through a restaurant parking lot, drove through a small wooden fence," said Enters.

The officer gave chase in his squad car, but even at slow speeds how do you stop a dump truck?

“We're trained in certain techniques and maneuvers,” said Officer Enters, “but when you have a potentially 70,000 pound dump truck, it's a little bit different than a normal car.”

Luckily the truck hit a curb and finally stopped. That’s when Enters sprung into action.

“I ran over to the driver’s door and saw that the driver was unresponsive, and convulsing,” Enters said.

The officer can be heard on dash cam video asking the driver if he’s OK, then calling in to dispatch that the driver is breathing but unresponsive.

Officer Enters, another officer and a civilian made sure the truck was off and the brakes were on.

They stayed with the driver until medical help arrived.

“This was definitely a unique call, definitely not a typical one and I think I'll remember it the rest of my life," said Officer Enters.

The driver did survive.

By Friday night the only evidence of the wild crash is a broken fence and tire marks.

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