Driver races at Slinger Speedway on opening day after crash

NOW: Driver races at Slinger Speedway on opening day after crash

Driver Conrad Morgan and his team prepared to race on opening day at Slinger Speedway.

“It means the world to me. I am confident enough right now that I am sure that I can do this," said Morgan. 

He isn't a first-time racer. Morgan has been racing for more than 50 years but this year he was a little nervous to return to the track. 

He was involved in a bad crash that fractured his vertebrae and sternum last June. 

“A car hit me in the left rear and turned me sideways and hit me in the left front. It turned me about 90 degrees and I went straight into the fourth turn wall," said Morgan.

Morgan wore a brace for 50 days after he got out of the hospital. But he said was determined to race again. 

“It bothered me quite a bit up until January and February. My head started to feel better and things started to fall into place," said Morgan.

It took months for him to heal and for his team to repair his car. 

 “Sitting down there waiting to go on the race track, it went through my head how many times I’ve been on it, this is nothing," said Morgan. 

Morgan placed first in qualifiers in his division but was unable to finish the race because of a broken part. There will not be any races next Sunday, May 14 for Mother's Day but it will pick back up on May 21. 

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