Drive-Thru Customers Lovin' Surprise Gift Card from McDonald's

The Greendale McDonald's along 76th Street near the Southridge Mall was a special location for a wonderful surprise.

Between nine and eleven on Black Friday morning, they were giving out $100 gift cards every ten minutes.

One worker dressed up as an elf for the surprise which had a range of reactions from tears, to screams of joy, to one man parking his car and getting out to give the worker a hug.

"Black Friday is crazy as it is," explained store Manager Nicole Duodenal. "So we figured, why not give them a little bit of cash in their pocket."

Some seemed genuinely startled.

At first one young man didn't believe it.

"Are you kidding me?" He asked the elf. When he realized it was for real he said it would make for a special gift this morning.

They had just driven by for a quick bite to eat and to turn the fast food chain's catch phrase, they drove away loving it!

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