Drastic increase in Milwaukee car thefts

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police say they caught four teens driving a stolen car. Three were arrested and one man confessed to stealing more than 20 cars since February. It's all part of the dramatic increase in car thefts Milwaukee Police say they're battling.

Police say they've seen a 66% percent increase year to date. Officers say car thefts are often related to other violent crime.

Police say cars that are targeted most often are the Dodge Caravans and Dodge Stratus because they can be stolen with just a screw driver. They also are jumping into people's cars when the stop to pump gas and leave the car running for a second, or the keys on the seat.

More shocking, police say is the people who steal the car often ditch it 30 minutes to a few hours later. 

To protect yourself police say to put steering wheel locks or clubs on your car.




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