Dr. Jill Biden hosts roundtable in Wisconsin

NOW: Dr. Jill Biden hosts roundtable in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On the heels of President Donald Trump's visit, Dr. Jill Biden -- the wife of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- held a virtual roundtable in Wisconsin Friday, June 26. 

Dr. Jill Biden's virtual visit focused on the Affordable Care Act, something former VP Joe Biden has vowed to defend and strengthen if elected. 

"No one should have to pay premiums they can't afford," Dr. Biden said.

Dr. Jill Biden slammed the Trump administration for asking the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act, and says as president, Joe Biden will expand it.

"He's going to make sure drug companies start negotiating with Medicare to bring own prescription drug prices," she said.

Senator Kamala Harris, who is on the short list for vice presidential candidates, joined Dr. Biden at the virtual Wisconsin visit, and says Biden's plans will include better access to mental health care. 

"That's something Joe's talked a lot about, and that is the need for mental health care. Understanding it is another form of health care."

Political science expert Mordecai Lee says Friday's visit demonstrates the importance of Wisconsin in the general election, and says it could be the deciding state.

"The fact that it's Mrs. Biden and an African American woman campaigning here, that tells that they're trying to reach women, African Americans."

Sen. Harris says the campaign in Wisconsin is going to be a brutal battle.

"The outcome of this election is going to affect us for generations," she said.

Sen. Harris said it is unlikely the Supreme Court will take up the Trump administration's argument before the November election.

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