DPW gets ready to clean up another round of snow, residents concerned

NOW: DPW gets ready to clean up another round of snow, residents concerned

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With a major snowfall on the way, the City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works is already preparing. Plows are expected to start heading out Sunday night, but they're warning drivers to move their cars. 

East Side resident Colleen Kaufman's car was towed Saturday because she pulled up on a mound of snow and couldn't get out. 

"This is ice right now. I tried to shovel it but there was no way I could," Kaufman said. 

DPW issued about 1,950 citations last Tuesday night and 2,900 citations last Wednesday night to drivers that didn't follow alternate parking rules during the DPW Snow Operations. Plows couldn't get to some of the side streets because drivers didn't move. 

"We're sensitive that it's a difficult issue and that in the congested areas there's not a lot of parking, but it will create havoc for our operations," DPW Director of Operations Laura Daniels said. 

Daniels said there's a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into a snow operation. Crews have been working for days on a plan for cleaning up Sunday and Monday's snow. Crews have 7,000 lane miles to clean up and only 278 trucks to do it. While it's no secret DPW gets some criticism, Daniels said their crews work tirelessly to make the roads safe. 

"It takes a while, but we do it really well and I think it's just a matter that it's snow, it's Wisconsin and we have some congested areas putting that all together any operation is going to take some time," Daniels said. 

Typically the plan is to plow the main roads first and then the side streets. Crews pre-salt the side streets earlier, knowing they won't get to them until later. That's because people travel more often and faster on the main roads, which could be dangerous if not clear. 

On the night of snow operations, things are busy inside the DPW Command Center as crews work behind the scenes communicating with people in the field, monitoring the weather and road conditions. In addition to crews out plowing and salting on the roads, other team members will be out to check the progress of the operation to see which streets need attention. 

With some areas so congested, like the East Side, some residents simply can't find a place to park when alternate parking rules go in effect. East Side residents are already worried about Sunday and Monday night parking. 

"Due to the snow because of the mounds, it's already going to be hard we're actually losing spaces to park and there's only so many with the rules so it's going to be a challenge for sure," Resident Morris Dayton said. 

If you can't find street parking, there are several MPS school parking lots open for drivers from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. during DPW Snow Operations: 

  • Cass Street Playground - 1620 N Cass Street
  • Milwaukee Parkside School - 2969 S Howell Ave.
  • Hartford Avenue School - 2227 E Hartford Ave.
  • Lincoln Ave School - 1817 W Lincoln Ave.
  • Longfellow School - 1021 S 21st Street
  • Maryland Avenue School - 2418 N Maryland Ave.
  • Riverwest Elementary School - 2765 N Fratney Street

There are also city lots available for drivers:

  • 900 E. Locust
  • 1650 S. 13th St
  • 1414 S. Comstock Ave
  • 1002 W. Maple St
  • 716 W. Windlake St. 
  • 2530 E. Park Place

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