DPW crews preparing for spring snowstorm

NOW: DPW crews preparing for spring snowstorm

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Southeast Wisconsin is about to receive its third major snowfall in the month of April, and this one could be historic.

The Department of Public Works in Milwaukee had hoped to pack away most of their winter gear, but it'll be ready once again.

"Our plows will go onto the garbage packers and we will be prepared if we get the level of snow they're saying we might get," said Commissioner Jeff Polenske, Milwaukee Department of Public Works.

Polenske says their plows are often attached to garbage packers for snow events, so putting them back on is routine. He does hope they don't have to use plows.

"Our hope is we can get as much of that first snow to melt upon contact with the pavement. Obviously, the pavement's warm so that will be helpful too," said Polenske.

The National Weather Service has had its eye on the possibility of weekend snow for a while. The issued a watch for Saturday, which has already been upgraded to a warning for much of Southeast Wisconsin.

"We know there's a lot of people that have activities going on, from some spots but we want to make people aware this heavy snowfall is going to be coming in," said Tim Halbach, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan.

He says the late-season snow could be wet, heavy and difficult to shovel. It also could be a problem for drivers

"Heavy snow and happening really fast the concern is it's going to accumulate quick on roadways," said Halbach.

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