Dozens speak out against budget proposal that would split up Racine Unified School District

Dozens of parents, teachers and community members packed a room inside Knapp Elementary School, to speak out against the possibility the Racine Unified School District will split up.

"I have a 9th grade student at park high school, i came to represent him as his parent because i don't want him to be affected by this legislation that they're trying to pass,"  said Wansheba Ware, parent.

Last week in Madison -- the Joint Finance Committee voted to allow schools in Mount Pleasant or Caledonia to break off from Racine Unified if the district continues to fail on school report cards.

“I think that we're in the era of Jim Crow, a new division of that. It did not die in the '60s,” said Bishop Mark Freeman of Second Missionary Baptist Church.

Representatives Peter Barca and Cory Mason believe the move would negatively affect minorities and low income families.

“We're deeply concerned that it would set up a new era of racial segregation in our community," said Mason.

“We all feel very strongly that this is going exactly in the wrong direction. It will actually hamper our education quality and hurt our efforts to advance here in the city of Racine," said Barca.

They hope to reverse the decision this week, with parents also doing their part.

"Now, the footwork starts. So it's important for us to get out into the community, make more people aware and doing everything that we can to make sure this legislation is not passed," said Ware.

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