DOT reminds drivers to be careful around farm equipment

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- With fall harvest season underway, DOT is reminding motorists and farm machine operators to be safe, patient and share the road. 

“Safety along our roadways requires that everyone do their part,” WisDOT Secretary Dave Ross said. “Motorists should provide farm vehicles extra room to operate and anticipate the possibility they may slow down or turn. Ag vehicle operators should ensure they use appropriate lights, signage, and signals, and comply with weight restrictions.”

Drivers are responsible for scanning the road ahead and to slow down when you see slow-moving farm equipment. It is illegal to pass machines in a no passing zone. Remember when passing in a legal zone that the farmer could be turning left onto a road, driveway or field.

Those operating farm equipment should remember that there are lighting and marking requirements for all machines and be familiar with road weight restrictions.

Since 2011, there have been 1,280 reported crashes involving motorists and farm vehicles in Wisconsin resulting in 640 injuries and 21 fatalities.

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