Dontre Hamilton's Mother Campaigns for Hillary Clinton after Son Was Killed by Milwaukee Police Officer

The mother of the man shot dead by a Milwaukee Police Officer in Red Arrow Park was on the campaign trail alongside Hillary Clinton and other mothers who sons were killed in officer involved shootings.

"I'm fighting for life," Maria told the crowd in South Carolina Tuesday. "Dontre was shot 14 times. He had 21 bullet holes in his body because a Starbucks manager said he was sitting too close to their stand in a public park."

The crowd moaned as she told her story. At one point some yelling out "Oh God" when they heard her account.

Maria also revealed that when Hillary met with students at UW Milwaukee, she also met with Maria and one of her surviving sons.

She admitted to crying so long on Hillary's shoulder that she probably owes her some money for the dry cleaning bill.

Maria was part of a group of mothers who have been on a whirlwind visit at several churches in a just a couple of days.

The mother of Trayvon Martin, killed by a block watch captain who was later cleared in court, sat beside Maria.

Wounded former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband also spoke on stage with the mothers.

Pundits have called them Hillary's strongest allies to secure the minority vote.

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