Donald Driver Visits Milwaukee Family

He's a regular visitor to the Milwaukee area and retired Packer Wide Receiver Donald Driver was back on Wednesday.

He visited a local family that has won a challenge called Driven to Better Health.

This is something put together by Driver and Children's Hospital to promote healthy families.   The Santos family was recognized for building a greenhouse behind their west side apartment and for embracing an active lifestyle.

“People think that you have to change overnight, and that's the hardest thing to do.  So we try to teach that it's baby steps, you take each step one by one.  And we want to make sure that everyone is healthy.  Right now we want to know that what?  Wisconsin has the healthiest kids in the world?  Right?  That's right,” Driver said.

Driver said his 64-year old mother is now embracing a more active lifestyle of her own with the help of a workout program he's put together for her.

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