Domino's Franchise Owner Hands Out Reward Flyers to Show Employees he Cares

Domino’s customers in Milwaukee may notice a flyer offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to arrest of anyone committing a violent act on a Domino’s employee.

CBS 58 reached out to Domino’s corporate to find out more information about the story behind this flyer.

“We had to do some checking because we were not aware of this, and there was no singular incident that precipitated it,” Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications said in an email.

According to McIntrye, the stores in Milwaukee are owned by independent franchisees.  

One of them fairly regularly puts these flyers on his box tops to accomplish a few purposes:

He wants his employees to know that he cares about them. He wants his community to know that he cares about his employees and the neighborhoods they serve. He hopes these flyers raise his customers’ awareness and that they keep their eyes and ears open when they order pizza – not just from Domino’s, but from any delivery company.

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