Dominique Heaggan-Brown Will Not Testify

Dominique Heaggan-Brown has decided not to testify in his own defense. 

The former Milwaukee Police Officer is facing homicide charges for shooting and killing Sylville Smith.

That shooting sparked two days of unrest in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood.

On Friday, the state rested its case against Heaggan-Brown.  

Before doing so, a Special Agent for the Department of Justice testified. Raymond Gibbs was in charge of interviewing Heaggan-Brown on August 15th, two days after the shooting.

“P.O Heaggan-Brown stated that he was screaming for the black male to show his hands, but the black male moved his right hand towards his waistband, while still looking at P.O Heaggan-Brown. P.O Heaggan-Brown feared that the black male was reaching for a second gun hidden in his waistband, and he feared that the black male would shoot him or P.O Malafa.”

The state also called the Assistant Medical Examiner who performed Smith's autopsy. She confirmed it was the second shot that killed him, and that the first shot was "survivable." 

The trial remains on track to finish by mid-point next week, according to the judge. 

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