Domes a popular spot where it's 70° and sunny

NOW: Domes a popular spot where it’s 70° and sunny

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- How does 80 and sunny sound right about now? That's what the weather is inside of the Mitchell Park Domes.

The week after Christmas is usually the Domes busiest week of the year. On December 26 they saw about 1,000 visitors and hundreds more are expected each day this week.

Many families come with their kids due to winter break but others are coming just to check out the nature and stay warm.

"It gets in their about 80, in the 70s to 80s so your going to feel very tropical in there," said Peter Lekowski, the marketing manager for the Domes.

During the winter of 2016 the Domes had to close for months after pieces started falling from the ceiling. A temporary fix is in place and one of the managers tells CBS 58 that no pieces have fallen since reopening.

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