Dog found 24 hours after escaping from 2nd-story window of West Allis doggy day care

NOW: Dog found 24 hours after escaping from 2nd-story window of West Allis doggy day care

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A dog is home safe with his owners after he escaped from a West Allis day care Monday morning.

Cole, a Pitbull-Husky mix, went missing after being dropped off at Playtime Doggy Daycare in West Allis for a trial run appointment.

But Cole isn't a typical runaway dog. 

"You little escape artist," Teddy Williams, Cole's owner, said. 

Playtime Doggy Daycare told CBS 58 Cole broke out of his crate, nudged open a window, broke through the screen, and escaped onto the roof. He then jumped 12-feet down to the ground and ran off.

"I think it was more of shock and a slight disbelief, because it's like, I cannot imagine my dog jumping out of a window from a second-story building. Like that did not seem like him. It was totally out of character," Williams said.

Williams said the day care's owner and manager immediately began searching for the dog and he quickly joined after learning of Cole's disappearance.

Despite searching all day, Cole spent Monday night nowhere to be found. 

"It was cold. It was raining. He was alone and he's never been away from us before," Williams said.

Comments on social media eventually led Williams nearly two miles away from the day care where the 4-year-old pup was hiding Tuesday morning.

"We got a hint, said he was on 115th and Walker, and we just immediately drove there and there he was waiting for us," Williams said.

Williams said he understands this was an isolated incident, but he still has a lot of unanswered questions.

"How did this happen? How did we get to this point that he even had access to a window?" Williams said.

Playtime Doggy Daycare Owner Gregg Pawelski told CBS 58 they'd never experienced anything like this in their 17 years. 

"Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the help from the community to get this pup back to their owners," Pawelski said.

Lucky Cole will be getting extra love and treats, and his owners won't be letting him out of their sight anytime soon. 

"There's nobody better to watch our kid than us," Williams said.

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