DNR Representative to Meet with Residents about Erosion Concerns

There is new hope today for people facing erosion problems in Racine County.

A DNR representative will meet with residents along Lake Michigan who are seeing their backyards disappear into the water.

Meanwhile, the search for alternative solutions continues.

 Mount Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski tells said he's hopeful his residents will soon have the tools they need to counter the bluff erosion happening along Lake Michigan -- and save their homes.

Tonight's meeting here at Village Hall is that first step.

Residents who want to start work on their homes can come here tonight and meet with that DNR rep to get a work permit.

There is also another positive looking lead in the works.

As we reported to you first on CBS 58, Garski is in talks with the Waukegan Airport to see if material from runways there can be used along the lake to stop the wave action and prevent further damage.

He can't go into detail just yet but we may hear more about that partnership as early as next week.

"Every lead that is brought to me from different agencies, I'm out there. I'm looking for it. There are some positive leads, and I think that it can definitely help the people. But as of right now, I've got to find out the details of it,” said Jerry Garski, Mt Pleasant Village President  

Garski says he is appreciative of Governor Walker’s letter to the federal government asking for help here in Mount Pleasant.

As for tonight's meeting -- it happens here at the village hall at 5 pm and will go until 7pm .

It is open to all residents of Racine and Kenosha counties.

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