DNR: More women are hunting this year

DNR: More women are hunting this year

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- As the 2020 deer hunt rolls into its final days, many are finding success in the field, including female hunters.

It is part of a push from the Department of Natural Resources to get more women and girls involved in the sport.

15-year-old Grace Woelfel says she has been hunting since she was nine, and says she wishes more girls would hunt.

"I feel this is a very male-dominated sport," Woelfel said. "I wish that more girls would do this. I feel like it's kind of empowering to be able to say oh, I can do this, and so can the guys. It's just something for everyone to do."

More people are deer hunting this year. According to DNR, there is a more than 3% increase in licenses compared to the same time last year. 

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