DNC opens up volunteer enrollment for convention in Milwaukee

NOW: DNC opens up volunteer enrollment for convention in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett held a press conference Thursday calling it "opening day" for DNC volunteers.

The DNC host committee officially launched their volunteer portal. Potential volunteers came to sign up whether they were Democrats or not.

"It's not really about the party affiliation itself," Pamela Fent said. "It's about the fact that there's something big that's going on in our city."

"This is a huge event," Andrea Medley said. "And to not participate would be a waste. It would be a shame not to be a part of this."

Ten thousand people have already said they want to volunteer. The DNC says they need 15,000 signed up by late spring or early summer.

"It's good for the city," Felicia Daniels Ashley said. "It's good for the citizens who live in the city. And it's good for the country."

The initial signup process takes about ten minutes. Volunteers will have varying levels of security vetting depending on what role they get.

"There will be everything from being a greeter at the airport, or helping out a concierge desk at a hotel," host committee president Liz Gilbert said. "Helping folks figure out their way around town, and helping with way-finding, and making sure people know where to go and what to explore. But then we will also have operational responsibilities, technology, and so the responsibilities and roles for our volunteers will be vast."

Volunteers provide information and give a general profile of themselves during the process.

But Gilbert says they're looking for everyone.

"Our volunteer core will be our ambassadors to explain what this city is. What it stands for, and what it can do. And so we're looking for all different types of folks, and we hope that everybody will head to our website today."

You can sign up to volunteer for the convention here. The convention begins July 13.

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