DNC Chairman Perez lays out strategy for Dems to win Wisconsin in 2020

NOW: DNC Chairman Perez lays out strategy for Dems to win Wisconsin in 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- DNC Chairman Tom Perez addressed Milwaukee one year before the DNC with his plan to win votes in 2020.

"To focus on the issues that matter most to Wisconsinites," Perez said. "Healthcare is the number one issue in this state."

Perez says healthcare and Trump's track record on farming will be key to democratic strategy in the state.

"I can't make a living," dairy farmer and Democrat Sarah Lloyd said. "My farm is going out of business milking cows."

Democrats say they can flip white, blue collar workers the party lost to Trump in the 2016 election.

"Well we won a lot of them back in 2018, because we had a lot of folks who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 that voted for Tony Evers in 2018."

Democrats won all four Wisconsin statewide races in 2018. Perez says the party can build off that success and use a similar game plan in 2020.

"Organize everywhere. Organize early. Lead with our values. I think Wisconsinites want a president who's going to unite, not divide."

He says Milwaukee's reputation as a segregated city will not work against the party's message for unity in 2020.

"The Milwaukee area is all too segregated," Perez said. "That is a fact. And when we tell the story of America, we tell the story of opportunity, and we never hide from the challenges."

Perez says when the balloons drop at Fiserv Forum next year, and Democrats have their candidate, they can march out of Wisconsin with their message for the country.

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