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DMVs ready to issue free IDs to voters

MILWAUKEE -- A few days after ruling against Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban, the U.S. Court of Appeals reinstated Wisconsin's Voter ID law. Multiple organizations have began working to get ID's to people who need then.

Those looking to get a free identification card at their local DMV will need proof of identity and proof of residency. Proof of identify requires documents like a social security card, out of state driver's license, or a valid college ID. Proof of residency can be confirmed with a utility bill, bank statement or pay stub.

If you're aiming to take advantage of Wisconsin's free IDs for voters, you MUST ask for the free ID. 

The Department of Transportation says it has issued almost 300,000 free photo IDs since 2011. Up until now, people needed a birth certificate to get one. Starting Monday, a department spokesman said people can get around that. \"No matter what the court ruling was on Friday, we were prepared to go ahead with the process.\" said Jim Miller, Field Services Director for the Wisconsin DMV.

In an email, Miller said 14 people statewide applied for photo ID using the new process Monday.

A letter from the Government Accountablity Coard to county clerks says absentee ballots also need to be sent with instructions for photo ID. The letter reads, \"...For that reason, municipalities are directed not to mail out any additional absentee ballots until the G.A.B. Issues those uniform instructions which  Will occur as soon as possible.\"

The G.A.B. is expected to lay out more guidelines for the public, and county clerks, Tuesday afternoon.

Get more information from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.

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