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New DMV fees in effect Oct. 1

NOW: New DMV fees in effect Oct. 1


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Starting Tuesday, October 1, owning a car will cost a little more in Wisconsin.

The DMV has increased car registration and title fees.

Some drivers are not too thrilled, saying the fees are too expensive.

The fee for the annual registration now cost $85, up from $75. The fee for the title is much more -- from $69 to $164.

The fee hikes are part of the state budget.

Drivers tell CBS 58 they really have no choice. "I’ll pay it, I’ll pay the $186, I’ve got it written down right here so...but there’s other other things they can charge for. The hunters, how much do the hunters pay?" said Delores Stasiak.

For more information on the increased fees, click here.

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LindaFosterMattice 184 days ago
I have been paying $125 the last two years to register my 2002 Buick Century (which was junked this past March 2019). Can someone explain that to me? I wondered why it wasn't the usual $75, but my own fault for not trying to find out. I had heard on the news they were talking about raising the fees back then and just thought it was already in effect. My fault - senior moment. Can I get a refund for the difference? LOL
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