District Captain, Who Met the 9-Year-Old, Emotionally Describes the Shooting's Aftermath

A nine year old is still fighting for her life after she was shot last night.

A stray bullet went through the home she was staying at off 15th and Meinecke.

Zalaia Jenkins is still fighting.

Her family is asking for prayers.

Mayor Tom Barrett and community leaders gathered Friday saying no little girl deserves this.

"Here we are again having conversations about children in our community. As this press watch children across the street file into school expect to be safe,” said Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton.

District 3 Captain Shunta Boston-Smith was too distraught to speak in front of the cameras.

She told CBS 58 she met the 9 year old last week.

Zalaia Jenkins was playing double Dutch with her friends.

The Captain promised the girl she would keep her safe.

Tears rolled down her face as the captain recalled hearing last night’s 911 call.

She rushed to the scene even though she wasn't on duty.

The sadness today, turning into a call for action.

MPD officers were on the scene all day telling residents in the neighborhood that there will be a bigger police presence after this incident

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