Dispute over Marquette professor's conservative blog taken to Wisconsin Supreme Court

NOW: Dispute over Marquette professor’s conservative blog taken to Wisconsin Supreme Court


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Marquette professor has brought a contract dispute all the way to the state supreme court. 

Professor John McAdams says his conservative blog falls under academic freedom.

“Tons of professors make extramural statements," McAdams said. "You’ve probably seen lots of op-eds written by professors in newspapers.”

McAdams says faculty were faster to remove him for criticizing a student teacher online because of his conservative views.

“Conservative faculty are at a big disadvantage," McAdams said. "Left-leaning faculty have more protection because their colleagues give them more protection.”

The post criticized the student teacher for not allowing discussion criticizing gay marriage in class.

Marquette’s claims McAdams was unprofessional in naming the student.

"This is not a case about free speech," attorney Ralph Weber said. "It’s about safety.”

Marquette claims McAdams tried to increase coverage of the blog, and opened the student up to threats.

“You don’t paint a target on the back of a student, put her out in front of a hostile audience, and claim that is somehow consistent with your obligations as a professional,” Weber said.

McAdams says he would like to finish his career at the university.

“While I have essentially zero respect for the people running the place, the students are pretty good. I enjoy teaching Marquette students.”

The state’s supreme court is expected to rule on the case by July.

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